Dobbiaco and Alta Pusteria

Dobbiaco and the whole Alta Pusteria valley are spoilt by more than 2000 hours of sun per year.

Whereas Toblach/Dobbiaco at 4120 foot above the level of the sea is considered the gate to the heart of the Dolomites with its unique Three Peaks, one of the most painted and photographed treasures of those Dolomites being part of the UNESCO world natural heritage, and is also spoilt for being exposed to the sun for approximately 2000 hours per year (which is quite unique for a town in the Alps) the other historically important town of Innichen/San Candido is considered the gate to the Dolomites from the Sexten/Sesto valley which by the way can entirely be seen in its wild beauty from the Berghotel Schopfenhof.

In summer time, the whole Alta Val Pusteria valley is celebrating at its main spot, the magnificent and fin-de-siècle reminiscent Grandhotel at Toblach/Dobbiaco the music of Gustav Mahler and of its contemporaries by ways of two distinct festivals, the traditional one in mid-July already at its 32nd

Beyond music, Toblach/Dobbiaco has much more on offer.

A broad array of phantastic sporting activities thanks to an amazing natural scenary as well as very modern infrastructural facilities for both professional sportspeople and amateurs make a stay with a cool choice for your next vacations. From biking, e-biking, hiking, escalating, bouldering at the brand-new Nordic Arena also swimming, tennis, skating, rollerblading and many other disciplines are possible to practice during summer time as equally numerous there is space for sports of all kind during winter such as alpine and nordic skiing, langlauf, biathlon, snowboarding, sledging, ice-skating, curling as well as even ski-jumping.

Besides, the origins of Innichen/San Candido, by the way the last municipality before crossing the former borders with Austria, dates back to 769 AC when the Bavarian duke Tassilo III decided to lay foundations for a monastery with its Dome as major artistic-religious testimony to the time where the rise of this little but one time very important town all began. At Innichen/San Candido you will sense how seemingly distant lifestyles such as the alpine and the mediterranean one blend into each other in order to create a particularly new one. This is maybe mainly due to a most delicate piazzetta where people of all cultural and economic backgrounds can mingle easily. It is there where all surrounded by a most breath-taking view up to the mountains and onto the green lawns and calm fields all around you there is still a somehow urbane atmosphere. Take little more than two steps out of a shop or a bar and you already are in the midst of another suggestive corner of such intense beauty only nature is able to design which comes along in the shape of a fine little river, the beginning of some dark wood or the entrance into a wide hay field...

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