Hiking in Alta Pusteria

The majestic mountain peaks in the surroundings areas of San Candido and the numerous side valleys are ideal for hike, fascinating alpine paths and round tours of the renowned peaks of the Dolomites. During your hike you can not only enjoy the phantastic view, but also a tasty snack in one of the huts.

Three Peaks - landmark of the Dolomites-"UNESCO World Natural Heritage"

These three mountain obelisks are part of the "Sesto Dolomite" nature park. The rock consists mainly of dolomit. The "Grand Peak" is 2,999 metres high, the Western Peak 2,973 metres and the Small Peak 2,857 metres.

In order to see these world-famous rocky walls, the road will lead you into the wild and romantic Landro Valley until you come to Landro. From here, you can see the "highest sky of the Dolomites" from afar. If you prefer to check out the magic about these 3 peak formations up close, you can take the toll road via Misurina until you come to the Auronzo Hut. After a one hour walk you will come to the foot of the formation.

Every year, these mountains entice numerous visitors through a spectacle of colours, from a cool grey to the famous glowing red and its impressive magic viewing the Three Peaks.

Recommended hiking tours

The region around the Three Peaks offers numerous hiking possibilities for experienced hikers, but also for beginners. For all friends of the mountains, these mighty rocks offer several climbing tours in various grades of difficulty.

Round Tour of the Three Peaks
  • Point of departure: Auronzo Hut (2,320 m)
  • Walking time: 4 hours
  • Requirements: stamina required; slightly demanding
  • Sightseeing: view of the world-renowned Three Peaks
  • Possible stops: Locatelli Hut, Auronzo Hut, Lavaredo Hut, "Lange Alpe" Hut

From the Auronzo Hut along the southern side of the Three Peaks and along path no. 101, past the Lavaredo Hut (2,344 m) and on a slight ascent to Forcella Lavaredo (2,454 m). First, a splendid view of the 500 m high north walls of the Three Peaks (up to here also for untrained hikers). Slight downhill gradient to the fork:

a) easy ascent to Locatelli Hut (2,405 m)
b) continuing downwards to the left after sign-post no. 105 you soon get to path no. 102, coming up from the Rienza Valley. Via path no. 105 (left) slightly ascending to the "Lange Alpe" Hut and past the Lang-Alpe Lake and hiking around the Three Peaks to the west and to the Auronzo Hut.

A sunrise-seeking excursion to the Helm mountain peak

Do you want to experience a unique adventure outdoor? Then come with us on a sunrise-seeking excursion at an altitude of nearly 8000 foot above the level of the sea and assist to that heart-warming moment where the morning sun paints the sky and all Dolomites mountain peaks around you into an incredible reddish terracotta-style glimmer.

The best time to do it is between July and September and the best peak from where to enjoy that beautifilly painted scenery is the Helm / Monte Elmo. To take part in that excursion, you can start with a trip by the cable car from the nearby town of Sexten/Sesto which will take you to 6500 foot approximately of altitude. Afterwards, a pleasant hiking tour of little more than one hour awaits you in order to get atop the mountain. While having breakfast with tea and a croissant near a warm camp fire, you could not be better seated to enjoy the near sunrise.

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