Welcome to the paradise of cross country skiing

Cross country skiing at the Alta Pusteria Valley is much more than a mere sporting experience.

Cross country skiing at the Alta Pusteria Valley is much more than a mere sporting experience.

Sure, it is healthy, and your cardio-vascular system will greatly benefit of it and your muscles' energy will reach new heights. Yet, first of all cross country skiing is a lasting experience of getting in touch with nature in all its intensity. The slopes all in all stretch along more than 200 km in total and needless to say are always perfectly being prepared. On those trails you will come by silent valleys and impressive mountain woods. On many spots especially at 2000 m above the sea level you will enjoy while skiing breath-taking panorama views. If you are more into racing, there is a huge choice among appropriate trails. This paradise of cross country skiing hosts the historic Pusteria ski-marathon as well as the Tour de Ski. No wonder that legends of this sport like the six times biathlon-winner of the Olympic games Ole Einar Bjorndalen are frequently seen here where they do part of their training.

Get a feel for the most charming parts of this region.

To do so, you could start a journey off on one of the most beautiful spots of the whole Alta Pusteria Valley from the picturesque Val Fiscalina/Fischlein valley, which starting at Moso/Moos being part of Sesto/Sexten will lead you right at the heart of the nowadays world famous Three Peaks. Sure, you can't get atop the peaks by cross country skiing, but the valley at their feet is still an ideal spot for this sport.

Again from the Val Fiscalina/Fischleintal valley you come by the impressive mountain of Croda Rossa/Rotwand and eventually to Sesto/Sexten. On this skiing trail you will cross through Sesto/Sexten and then arrive gently to San Candido/ Innichen with its cozy town piazza of historic beauty and importance from where you will enjoy a most impressive view on the Baranci/Haunold mountain. Along the Drava river you will reach after a while Dobbiaco/Toblach, the town home to its brandnew cross country centre with its stadium and the competition trails. There, one additional round or even two is a nice experience to get a true feel fort he beauty of the nearby surroundings and if you still feel fit enough you could terminate the cross country journey with a last excursion towards South through the wildly romantic Landro valley coming by the somewhat hidden Lake of Dobbiaco/Toblach which already back in history was one of the preferred spots of the Austrian emperor Maximilian I as early as five houndred years ago. Eventually, your journey will take you to Cortina enjoying along the track another view on the Three Peaks. What else could you expect from a day on the skies?

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